Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Changing Seasons

The Rainy Season seems to be coming to an end and the Dry Season is upon us . Hurray!

This means we can get out to all sorts of places without worrying about the muddy roads. I have been on Annual Leave for the last two weeks and in the next two weeks I will have more free time to be able to spend with my lovely daughter who is coming to visit me in Rwanda.

I'm so excited because I really miss her. We keep in touch by Facebook chat and by texting, which is brilliant but it is not the same as chatting over a cup of tea at the kitchen table!!So tomorrow I will be at the airport watching through the glass. We are planning to go and visit the gorillas and spend an hour communing with them. We'll also go to Akagera Game Park, the beautiful Lake Kivu and she will visit schools with me.

The Railway network in the North East will have to manage without her for a couple of weeks 'cos she's going to be with me !!!!

 In addition to my holiday, I have been doing some work as well recently. Every year` at VSO Rwanda we hold an Education Conference for all the education volunteers - about 60. This year the theme was 'Inclusion', so there were also many Disabilty volunteers included. 

The Rwandan Constitution is based on equal rights for all citizens regardless of race, religion, ethnic origin, gender, disability or sexual orientation. As you can imagine in a country where resources are scarce this vision can be difficult to put into practice. In the past many children with disabilities have been hidden away at home and have not been able to get to school, either because of physical difficulty, shame on the part of the family or reluctance from the school. This is all changing now and there is a great move to include all children into education.

The photo shows a 'Warm Up' game called 'Being Connected'. Everyone stands in a circle and one person holds the ball of string. She has to find someone that she is connected to, say his name and say how they are connected and then throw him the ball of string, keeping hold of the end. He then chooses someone else and throws the string. A web of connectivity is created. Participants are asked to hold up their arms and look at the web of connectivity and admire it. But what happens if one or two people let go of their part? Of course the web begins to disintegrate.

 My session at the Conference was entitled 'Working Together' and so i started the session with tthis game and continued with a photo show of how I have been working with all sorts of different people. There is an energy in working with others - Synergy. When people work together effectively they can achieve more than when each individual works on their own. This , of course , is dependant on everyone doing their share and getting on with each other!

Soon it will be our Annual Gitfest Celebration - my last one. This year the theme is 'Midsummer Night's Dream' It will be held on June 16th which is as close as we could get to the 21st June - for the Summer Solstice. I hope the next blog entry will be a report on our activities.

Meanwhile I must go and get on with my preparations to go to the airport tomorrow. I'm finding it difficult to concentrate but I will be in school today training Nursery teachers so that will keep my mind occupied for a while.

Lots of love to everyone . Tricia xxx