Tuesday, 28 April 2015


As you know I am going back to Rwanda with two friends at the end of May and we are trying to raise money to improve the school building and especially the latrines. We want to make two separate rooms in the school building and have a school office with a storage cupboard for resources etc.

Eventually we want to develop a complete Chidren's Centre which would include services for education, health and adult learning. so this is the first step in a planned programme.

We need money for building materials and our target by the end of May is £3000

We have put in an application for Charitable status but this will take a while to go through. We will then have a new Bank Account and Charity number. So, at the moment we are still using the account that is in my name. The details are as follows:

Name of account: Mrs P Atherton
Sort code: 07-10-40
Account number: 60310801

If  you want to send a cheque please text or telephone me on 07554427582

My e mail address is tricia.atherton@gmail.com

Thank you my lovely friends!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Latest news. Returning to Rwanda (for a visit)

The walk to the village
Hi Friends!
I am planning a trip to Rwanda to visit the village and the school and to discuss progress and ideas for further development.
I will be in Rwanda from May 27th to June 25th.

Whilst we are there we are hoping to appoint some builders to improve the school building and we want to take some cash with us to avoid all the complications with bank charges etc.

For some time now people have been asking me to speak about the project at their events or with friends. I have made a Power Point Presentation to take around. (I have only done one event so far!)I have another booked for April 23rd at St Michaels Church in Macclesfield. If you would like me to come to talk to your group or school or friends please don't hesitate to ask. The latest date that I could do would be May 24th.

The alternative is that I could send you the Power Point Presentation (with notes) which you could show to your friends.

If you want to contribute some money that would be wonderful. We are working through the process of becoming a registered charity but at present the money is still going through my account with Nationwide in the name of Mrs P Atherton. Cheques gratefully accepted but if you want to transfer direct into the account let me know and I will send you the details.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Much love