Friday, 18 September 2015

Good news

I am very happy to tell you that Christine is out of hospital and is back at home in Kibuye with her baby. Thank you so much for all those people who have prayed and showed concern. I am amazed and humbled when so many people show compassion for friends in Rwanda whom they have never met. This is the milk of human kindness. As you know, Christine is the wife of our teacher Gabriel and for most of the week they live apart because he travels to the village on Sunday, lives there during the week and travels back to Kibuye on Friday. So, for several weeks he was unable to leave Kibuye to go to work. This meant that our young teacher, who is called Gaudence, carried the work by herself. Now she has malaria and Gabriel is back at work, leaving Christine and the baby.
All this serves as a reminder to me about how precarious life can be without a solid foundation of faith, community and indeed financial security. So Thankyou again and be blessed!