Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The size of my open hand.

the size of my open hand
There are sooo many different types of butterflies and moths here – and such fantastic patterns and colours. I can’t take photos because  they flutter away  whenever I get near! However, there was one on the window of the verandah the other day and I managed to capture this image. You can’t really tell from the photo but it was about the size of my open hand.  I’m sure you’ll agree that if it was sitting on the bark of a tree you would not see it. It was beautiful! 

Last Friday afternoon,  I was sitting in the sunshine outside  ‘Inshuti  Best Place’ having a cold beer when, not one , but two beautiful butterflies appeared. They seemed to be attracted by the red on the sign for Primus beer and kept landing on our table.  I use this as an introduction to the fact that I am continuing a tradition begun by my predecessor, Ken, and by Michael who is still here in Muhanga.On Friday afternoon we can finish work  early  so that we have the opportunity to go to the local sports centre and indulge in some exercise. I reckon I do enough exercise and what I really need on a Friday afternoon is a cold beer and a catch up with friends. So as soon as work is finished  I walk across the road outside my office and enter the little bar – ‘Inshuti’ means friend.  I usually meet up with Michael but soon he will be going home so Jules and I have committed ourselves to continuing this noble tradition!

This week I have been visiting schools to observe teaching so that when Judy comes I will have an idea of what sort of training we need to be providing. There is a great website called ‘Mango Tree’ which has all sorts of ideas for making resources using locally available materials, like rice sacks and bottle tops. For all you teachers out there,  I think of it a bit like Sparkle Box is in the UK, only not so print heavy, which reminds me, I had a triumph this week when I finally managed to print out some documents using the office printer – YAY! Printers and photocopiers are notoriously unreliable but this one has a mind of its own. Apparently  I have an advantage because I speak English and so does the printer!

Another first this week is a beautiful handmade outfit which I have collected from the seamstress – she is totally amazing and can make anything you describe to her. The easiest thing is to give her an item of clothing to copy and some new material bought from Fabric Wonderland and she will make it up for you in a matter of days. So, Judy,  you don’t need to pack loads of clothes , just some favourites and you can have new ones made. When I collected my first outfit I took a drawing of a dress I would like made and some material.  She took measurements and  said it would be ‘no problem!’ So I’m looking forward to seeing the result.

Don't forget the Spring Equinox at weekend, when the day is the same length as the night. The dark winter is over and it's time to spring clean our lives!! Lots of Love, Txxxx 



  1. wonderful blog...u sound really at home and like you really part of Rwanda now...loving the updates and nice to hear your news and that u are having Friday afternoon beers! great...love you and let us know when you get all your post! love sara..x.

  2. No post so far boo hoo! Tell Naomi we are having a 'Bugsy Malone' night tomorrow, watching the film and making lasagne, choc chip cookies yum, yum xxx