Friday, 22 April 2011

Surrounded by gifts on my birthday!!
 Hi everyone! 
Just an ordinary Friday night!!

Since the last time I wrote I appear to have entered a new decade!! I had a very special birthday this week and received sooo many best wishes, cards and parcels, I was almost overwhelmed. One of the best presents was the visit of my friend, Ann, who always planned to be here on my birthday- she actually made it and brought sooo many gifts with her that she only had a half a suitcase left for her own items!! So thank you to everyone who sent gifts, cards, hugs and kisses. I had a great time and was able to provide a lovely afternoon tea for new friends here in Rwanda. Ann brought a selection of cheeses from Sainsbury's and it was very much appreciated even though some of it was very ripe by the time it was eaten!

I also need to tell you that I spent the morning of my birthday in the hospital suffering with an intestinal infection - great treatment and with the help of anti-biotics I am on the mend - it is an inevitable part of living in Africa,and  I am so lucky to have access to excellent medical care.

This week I have spent most of the time in Kigali and only returned home today (Good Friday)But as you will see from the photo we spent Friday night in the way we have often spent Friday night at home - it involved a bottle of red wine (thank you Judith) and a large packet of Kettle Crisps - crushed black peppercorn - my favourite. But we had the added bonus of a box of chocolates from Ireland - thanks again Judith !!! As a result I am writing this blog in a slightly squiffy atmosphere so I hope to write again soon.

Happy Easter , everyone and don't eat too much choccy!!
Love Tricia


  1. You look to have had loads of presents, surprised Ann was able to fit everything in her case - it will certainly be lighter going home. You look really well Tricia, hope you feeling better real soon. Have a very happy Easter xx

  2. It's great being here in Rwanda with Tricia and celebrating her birthday with her was very special, despite the diversion to the doctors!

    We're now back at Tricia's house in Gitarama which is very luxurious. I thought I'd try to describe it for you all.

    In the lounge there are 2 comfy setees and 2 arm chairs, an axminster type rug on the floor, an attractive coffee table and a fancy glass cabinet. There's a dining area with good quality table and chairs and another cabinet. In the kitchen there's a table, a cooker and a fitted sink, then there's a pantry with yet another cabinet - they're not short of storage here! My room has a very comfy bed with attractive bedding, a bedside table another small table and hooks for hanging clothes. In the house there are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms (!) one of which has a good hot shower. Out side there's a veranda where you can sit and read and contemplate Tricia's lovely vegetable garden.

    This really is a home from home and a great place to be. Tricia is really enjoying her 5* accommodation and knows she's very lucky. Many of her friends are in far more primitive places so Tricia and April have an open house policy and are happy to share their little bit of luxury with others.

    I have been lucky enough to spend my 1st 5 days here in Kigali with Tricia and some of the other volunteers. It was great to meet Tricia's friends and to see how well they all work together and support each other. There is a great atmosphere amongst the volunteers - it reminds me of being back at uni!!

    I hope this helps to give a picture of things here. I look forward to filling you all in with more information when I get back.

    Better go now ... we're off on a safari!!

  3. looking great girlies...glad you had a good brithday Sara..x.