Sunday, 22 May 2011

A typical Saturday??

I pass this poster every day on my way to work

Ok,  so this is a typical Saturday when I’m not going away for the weekend.

Saturday morning, no work so I have a lie-in until maybe 7am at the latest – can’t seem to sleep any later than that , although I may go for a sleep later in the day eg early  afternoon. I get up, put the kettle on for a cuppa tea (very much like home really!) Whilst the kettle’s boiling I open the curtains and switch off the seciurity light and the front and back porch.
Take cuppa into bedroom and decide what to wear – Saturday morning, it’s usually my African wrap and a loose top. Go for a hot shower and fill up a bucket of hot water so that I can do my ‘smalls’ washing. I wash my own ‘smalls’ and my towel because I like them washed in warm rather than cold water. Also I think it’s not nice to ask someone else to hand wash your smalls! Your views on this are welcome!!

Get dressed in loose clothing, do my washing on the back porch , say  ‘Maramutse, Amakuru?’  to Jean Paul who is already working in the garden. Tidy up the kitchen from the night before, have some toast with peanut butter or Marmite. Put the kettle on for fresh Rwandan coffee. Sit on the back porch and maybe do some knitting or reading Ken’s Weekly Guardian  ( keep it coming!! Or let me know when you cancel it so that I can take out my own subscription – thank you x)

Mid morning I take myself and/ or April off to town to get some shopping . I usually call in at the dressmakers to see how she is getting on with my latest outfit. This week I called in to ask her to make the skirt longer - I got told off by a Rwandan lady for my skirt being too short (mid calf length) Hop on a moto to get my shopping home safely.

A loaded lorry stuck in the mud

A brick oven in the school grounds
 This Saturday I joined an African choir and it was great fun - didn't understand a word I was singing but we're going to have the best alto line up in Rwanda (all 4 of us!)We are now an International choir since I joined - ha ha!!

I've been exhausted this week and so spent most of the weekend resting. Judy and I spent three days in a northern sector visiting the last 5 schools up there. We start the training in two weeks. Three days almost continually on the back of a motorbike is physically tiring and communicating with teachers and headteachers when our languages are different is mentally challenging. Added to that we stay in the Priest's house whilst we are there so we have to make polite conversations all evening - actually it's quite good fun because they are such characters and it is quite  amusing watching Judith struggling to explain her 'off the cuff' comments which are intended to be lighthearted but turn out to be taken very seriously and need to be explained in great detail.
Washing hands after visiting the toilet

Many of the schools do not have electricity or water and so headteachers have to be very creative in thinking of ways to help children keep clean. The headteacher of this school had managed to install solar panels and sells the electricity to the local community so that they can charge their mobile phones. He also has a'Hairdressing salon' on site and 1/4 of the money raised goes to pay the hairdresser and 3/4 goes into school fund. The children usually have shaved heads for hygiene reasons, so it's an excellent idea!                                            
Play equipment for the Nursery children

I seem to have strayed from the topic of Saturdays, but never mind! I am coming to the end of my weekend and it's Sunday night so going to read a good book before bed time. I'm reading my fave book of all time - Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen - I  always read it to give me comfort and a laugh!!

Lots of love to everyone. Please don't forget to comment - I always check if anyone has written anything. Thank you for any prayers you may have offered for our safety on the motorbikes - please continue. Tricia xxxx

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