Monday, 22 August 2011

Visitors and Gifts

Thankyou sooo much for the clothes for the children x 

I’ve been rather busy this week – so I’ve not been able to write up the blog until now. 

I am on leave from work for three weeks because I have two visitors from the UK. They came with two suitcases each, but only one was for their own belongings. The other suitcases were mainly full of clothes for the children here. Thankyou sooo much to all those people who sent clothes – believe me they will be fully used here.

Phil also brought lots of gizmos to play with!
The living room at the Hacienda was full of baby clothes, boys clothes, girls clothes and lots of lovely football shirts collected by a young friend and  a lovely lady in the Salvation Army Shop in Flimby. Thank you.

We went to visit the office where I work and Wendy soon made herself at home. 

My sister, Wendy sitting at my office desk
You will also see an orange box on the table - not only did I receive gifts from suitcases this week but also a parcel through the post! Thank you Ann, lovely chocolate, cereal bars AND (my favourite) Kettle Crisps - Cracked Peppercorn. I'm not sharing them with my visitors!!

Pictures on the wall above my desk
I hope you can spot the postcards of Blackpool sent to me by the lovely Christine! For those of you who don't know,  Blackpool is my home town where I was born. When I look at the postcards it reminds me of my Blackpool family.

This was the first day of our holiday and following our visit to the office, we went to the market, bought some fabric and went straight to the dressmakers to ask her to make two dresses for my sisters.
I have so much more to write about because it's been a very exciting two weeks. But my blog must wait a little while again...


  1. Ooh funny seeing Wendy and Dad appear in your blog! Well I've booked my tickets now.

    We shall be getting to you on the Thurs 15th in the morning and leaving on the 28th to go to Zanzibar. I'll email you all the details, can't wait!!!

  2. Hey!! That's great news! I was beginning to think I'd need to come home for christmas, but christmas is coming to me!!! xxxx

  3. Just a bit of detail from me now I'm back in Enngland, and able to read the blog at my leisure, and on a fast Broadband link!!!
    Hayley and Mel were two of my office colleagues who donated children's clothes. A young friend, just finished her first year at secondary school, called Ruth, raided her hoodies, football boots, spare arsenal and England shirts etc; and a lovely lady at the Workington Salvation Army charity shop, who put the word out at home and got some football shirts for me without them going into the shop first. (of course I bought some off the rails as well!)
    It took three evenings to sort out all the vacuum packed clothes that came in Wendy and my suitcases (thanks also to Christine F and the Blackpool crew).
    We called those times "opening Pandora's Box 1, 2, &, 3"...