Saturday, 28 April 2012

Art Day with Kibe

Market scene
Strolling down the street one day in Kigali I got talking to an artist and finding a kindred spirit I went back to his studio to look at his work. 

He works with other artists and they have students, so here you see a wide variety of styles.

Village Life

In Rwanda there are no opportunities for training in art, no art schools, hardly any art in ordinary schools and no possibility of buying art materials. 

Kibe is from DR Congo and has lived in Rwanda for about 10 years. His family still live in Bukavu (DRC) near the border with Rwanda.

Traditional village life


Another advantage of meeting Kibe is that he is able to supply me with canvas for my own painting - and to make a frame for me to stretch it on!!
He has to travel to Kampala to get his materials, so it works out very expensive for him.
The Hacienda was turned into an art gallery for the day and we had our very own Artist in Residence - (no , not me!)

We made rice and beans and invited friends round to view the paintings and to have a go at making a community picture.

We had a really fun day and want to do it again soon!  
hope you can have fun making art too... just do it! 
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