Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Gasundwe Village Rwanda

Dear All

The villagers grow a lot of their own food, including various types of bananas, maize, beans, casava etc

In the first photo you can see the maize (corn on the cob to us!)which has been growing around the houses.

In the short film you will see the maize (corn cobs which taste nothing like the sweet corn that we are used to) When it is harvested it is put in the sun to dry and it can be stored before being cooked on the charcoal burner.

One day when I was working for VSO and I was visiting one of my regular schools the female teacher, Pelargie, said:

"Tricia, do you like to eat mice?"

"Pardon, what did you say?!"

"Mice. Do you like to eat mice?"

Me, slightly shocked:
"No, I don't like to eat mice. Why? Do you like to eat mice?"

"Yes, I have some here for you to taste."

With that, she produced some cooked corn cobs - maize!!!I was so relieved I ate the offering thankfully.

Lots of love and warm wishes from Rwanda, Tx


  1. Hi Tricia Just caught up with your last 2 blogs.
    Glad to hear that things are going well at the nursery school. What progress!
    Who cares about the presentation of the blog when it contains such rich and valuable news about such a worthwhile project. It would be great to share it with our local UK communities when you return. You should be very proud. Mx

    1. Thanks Margo and yes I'm definitely up for sharing when I get back xxx

  2. Tricia, I had a giggle as I read this. I remember growing my own "mice" - on the insistence of my friend, Mama Blaire. And I've just realised I'm sat here eating a bag of frazzles - maize crisps (yum)!

  3. Tricia your blog makes me miss Rwanda so much! I remember the day with the Mice :)