Monday, 13 January 2014

Mama's Knitting Association at Gasundwe

This is my first attempt to post videos so I hope it works out.

As you know, whilst I was at home in England I requested knitting wool and needles to take to Rwanda and I was inundated with gifts. Thankyou.

In the previous post you saw the wool being carried up the steep hill to the guesthouse. In this film you will see them knitting with their own needles and wool. I realised that they only have one size of needle and one type of wool. So they are not used to knitting with different sized needles and thicknesses of wool. It is a challenge to teach them, but I will try. I wish my friends from the knitting circle at home were here to help me! They are far more accomplished than I.

This lady is knitting a jumper (umupira)with many different colours. We hope that the Knitting Assocaiation is the beginning of a Craft Training scheme which will earn money for the workers. We want to buy a non-electric knitting machine. They cost about £300. Our friends in Canada have already provided three hand sewing machines and the ladies will receive training. 

The next part of the plan will include training in carpentry and other skills.

Apologies if the video clip doesn't work for you. But thanks for reading the blog. When I come home to England i have lots of other film clips.

Keep warm and cosy.
Love Tricia


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