Saturday, 8 August 2015

Please pray, friends living in fear.

On 8 Aug 2015, at 07:30, ALEXIS SABANA <> wrote:
Dear Tricia!
Did you know that we had a terrible night yesterday? It was awful! The earthquake!!! It was arround 3:20 when I felt my bed and all the house shaking . It was the earthquake.  Immediately I rememberred what  happenned in 2008 when many buildings collapsed and many persons died and I rememberred that I am near volcanoes and a lot fear took  me. But it passes  3 times  with a  terrible shaking  and it ended.
My mother and a lot of persons from other arias called me in order to know if there was no problem in Gisenyi we said that it was okay.  Tricia it was terrible! We praize God we are  safe. All buildings are safe even the children center building didn't have any damage.
By the way all madriers (pieces of timbers for making roof) have already been purchased Fabien is waiting for iron sheets money to make the roof. He is afraid because sometimes rain season begins earlier. I told him that you know it.


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