Wednesday, 30 March 2016


If we were awarded a gift of £5000 what would we spend it on?

First of all, how wonderful if we got such a gift!! Amazing. 

We have four ideas and I want to ask for your opinions.
We could spend the money on any of these projects, which do you think would be most useful?

Project 1.
At the moment our new Children's Centre building has a pit latrine, basically a hole in the ground. We are in partnership with a local group who would provide a 'toilet block' based on the African dry toilet system. This would not only improve toilet hygiene but also provide fertiliser for the crops.

Project 2.
The village is very remote and transport links with such services as the hospital, the Tarmac road and the nearest town are very difficult so the provision of a boat with an outboard motor, based in the village and owned by a cooperative would provide improved links and income for the cooperative

Project 3
One aspect of our project is aimed at sustainability through income generation. We have many ideas for job creation but we need money for training in various skills and finance for start up businesses

Project 4
The nearest hospital is a difficult journey of two and half hours away by boat and by foot. We want to be able to provide training and facilities for a health worker in the village.

What would you advise us to spend £5000 on?

I really want to know, so either comment on the blog or on Facebook. Thankyou so much.
Tricia xxxx


  1. Very good ideas.
    In my opinion, I can support the 3rd project. This is because with income generation, and job creation, people can achieve both the 2nd and 4th people will be able to resolve problems like transport issue, paying for insurance, and motivating others to be self job creators.
    Thank you.
    Best wishes to you all!

  2. Thanks Theo. You are the second person to say this. I'm looking forward to hearing other people's comments too.