Sunday, 21 January 2018

It’s two years since I’ve been in Rwanda and the capital city Kigali is hotter and busier than ever!

There are a lot of new buildings, the road layouts have changed and it’s been a little bit confusing. I got on the bus and was asked for my travel card - blank look from me ! I was able to give a fellow passenger my cash and he used his travel card on my behalf. So no serious concerns but I must get down to the brand new bus station and get myself an oyster.... oops travel card!

I’m sorted with telephone airtime, internet connection and cash so I just need to telephone the bus company to book my ticket for tomorrow. I wonder if the telephone number has changed too?

Big success with the search for blackboard paint! Sourced it in Muhanga, paid for it by Mobile Money and it’s going on the bus to Theogene as I write! Get in!!!

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