Saturday, 12 January 2019

encouraging meeting

Well, I wasn’t able to write the blog yesterday because we were either on the bus or busy with the meeting and basically enjoying the countryside!
Yesterday we left Kigali by bus from the wonderful Nyabugogo Bus Park and travelled for four hours to get to Mugonero where we met up with Theogene. Jumping onto the back of Moto’s we went up to Theo’s new house which is just off the tarmac road between Kibingo and Mugonero. He and his wife Mary are working hard to make the house into a guesthouse for the influx of tourists who are now discovering the beauties of Rwanda.
The guesthouse is still being worked on but it has great potential and at some point it will have a name so that we don’t confuse it with Mama’s guesthouse which is in the Village and best accessed by boat or a lovely three hour walk.

I can’t seem to download photos but they are on my Facebook page and on the Village Rwanda Facebook page.

Off to get the boat now.

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