Sunday, 16 January 2011

Guest House in Kigali

Just been chattin with Tricia...she was outside her guest house in Kigali. This is where she will be spending the next 10 days with the other British VSO volunteers while they have their initial training. She is sharing a room with a woman from the group. They have mosquito nets up and are settling in today including making a right mess with their unpacking! She has had omelet and fruit for breakfast and coleslaw/fried eggplant for lunch!

The weather is bright, warm, and a bit sticky! I saw a couple of locals walking past and they looked very cheerful/smiley. So we can look forward to hearing more from Trish about the people she is meeting. I suspect you will get slightly more riveting updates from Tricia when she is able to post on here but at the moment her connection is slightly wobbly! Tomorrow (Monday 17th Jan) is the first day of training, so watch this space for more news!

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