Saturday, 9 July 2011

I hope you're as happy as you sound...

People say to me’ I hope you’re as happy as you sound’ or ‘Tell us about the bad times as well as the good.’

The problem with the bad times is that whilst you are in them you can’t write about them because you’re feeling so bad! But just now I am alleviating the ‘bad time’ by eating a whole bar of chocolate to myself. I bought it as present for a friend but I reckon my need is greater than his at the moment!

So, the bad times! – snotty, running nose through crying and no soft tissues left; wanting to sleep but knowing that you won’t; sitting up in a damp bed far from home, under the mosquito net , yes, but that blasted demon bug means I can’t go to the toilet. Smelly drains in the toilet anyway, why does this house always smell of cabbages? I’m not sure this bed has got clean sheets on it; oh, god, the drip, drip of the leaky tap...

 What’s happening at home? There could be an emergency happening right now and I’m not there to help. Panic, panic, shall I phone home? Oh god, not enough air time – more chocolate required ‘No news is good news, no news is good news’ – repeat the mantra.

Think happy thoughts, - smiling children, lovely black faces, bright eyes open in wonder.
Welcoming greetings. People who are always pleased to see you.
Fascinating conversations.
Cultural differences, learning from each other.
The best of both worlds.

Is it the positive thinking or the chocolate that is working the magic? Shall I try to go to sleep? Maybe just another piece?

How can you resist those eyes??

Singing in the rain!

The best thing about the bad times? I could say ‘the chocolate’ but I’m going to say ‘The best thing about the bad times is that they don’t happen often.’

And the next day  there is a lovely parcel from home – with a handwritten letter. 

Thank you

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