Sunday, 24 July 2011

Oh dear.....

I’ve just seen a poor man being sick and the vomit was bright luminous pink. I think this may be the local  medicine for a poisoned gut. The idea is that if you get a stomach or intestinal problem , you take a local ‘poison’ which will make your system exclude everything, resulting in a cleaned out gut. I’m not sure if this is efficacious and I must try to find out more about local medicinal plants etc. It certainly has nasty side effects.

A night out in Kigali
 However I would not like to give the impression that health care in Rwanda consists of this approach . There are many Pharmacies where you can get  drugs that we have in the  west. The qualified Pharmacist will also give advice on what to take for various ailments. I have only had to visit the Poly Clinic once so far and I received excellent care.
A day out on the road

There are two more weeks of the school term remaining. This week there are  examinations in schools and next week the teachers will be marking and correcting examinations and students will be leaving to travel home. The next term is the third and final term of the school year and starts on August 22nd.

Most of August for me will be taken up with relaxing with my visitors from the UK. I’m really looking forward to it and to showing them around my new life!! Also, another exciting thing will be the visit of my friend Fidele who came in February to visit his family – see blog dated Sunday February 20th 2011.
He is planning to build a Nursery School in his village and I am going to help train the Nursery teacher, so it means I get to go on another boat ride on Lake Kivu – YAY!!

Don’t forget to tell me what you are doing for your summer holidays. Love, Tricia


  1. Pretty dress Tricia, is this one that you've had made?x

  2. just wrote a loooooooooong comment and its goe AWOL! rude! anyway, you look lush both on and off the wheels.

    mucho love


  3. Hi Tricia, John and I were at the Keswick Convention last week and the theme this year was 'Mission to the World'. I was thinking about you and all that you are doing. God bless,
    Love Ruth x

  4. My summer holidays are being spent in Rwanda !