Friday, 14 September 2012

.... continued - health

Feeding the children before school every morning

Preparing the porridge
The health aspect of the project started with giving children food every day.

Our next two aims for health improvements are the provision of a clean water supply and a health worker to visit the village regularly.

A community base
 The Executive Secretary of the Sector has agreed to provide a health worker for one day every week!! This is brilliant news and more than we were expecting. The Sector will also provide some basic health materials.
The health worker will be able to use a room in this house when she visits. 

The water supply
Whilst we were visiting,the Executive Secretary came to visit the village and brought an engineer with him to assess the possibility of bringing water to the village. He assured us that this could happen very soon. we hope so because this is the priority for the people. Clean water is the basis of good health.

Having fun under the grass mat

Learning early to use the tools of his trade
Paul chatting to friends

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