Friday, 14 September 2012

Further developments in Gasundwe

The view from Gasundwe Village
I just want to remind you of the location of Gasundwe Village. It is situated on the mountains around Lake Kivu in the west of Rwanda.It is stunningly beautiful as you can see. 

As I have said before on this blog,pictures can tell lies. However the lies are not about the scenery but about what the scenery doesn't tell us. So it is a lie by omission really.

I don't want to emphasise the poverty because the villagers are working so hard to improve their lives and the lives of their children. The project is involved in three main areas - education, health and prospects for the future.

Here they are - the school!

The school for children of Pre Primary age was started last August and has been going for one year now.You can see how happy and proud the children are to have their own uniforms and their own teacher. The parents provided the uniforms and we provide the teacher.

Jack is not the teacher but he does teach!!!And he makes new resources for the teacher to use in class.

Jack is teaching the children to add up. 

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