Monday, 29 February 2016

Do you remember those moulds?

Update on the process of making sand filters for producing clean water.

Those moulds are stacked one on top of the other.

Now there is a hole running all the way through.

Silas and Mary are ensuring that the measurements are correct and the same width throughout.

The structure is covered with cement and then kept moist for several days. It should not dry out too quickly. 

Again, the long rains have caused some difficulties and more building materials have been washed away. However, we continue, undaunted.

By the way, banana leaves have a multitude of uses here, you would not believe!

Thanks for reading. Tricia x


  1. What an innovation!
    Btw what happened to the water pipe laid in that looking trench that the villagers dug?. Does that not provide clean water?

  2. This is very good! clean water a better life! thank you!

  3. Hi Phil. Thanks for your comment and good question! The pipeline is still there and is undamaged but there is a problem. The water company was privatised and those greedy owners took on too many customers and put in so many extra branch lines that the water source cannot now cope with demand. Gasundwe is at the end of the line so most of the time there is not enough water for us. O2R are trying to get advice and assistance from a large NGO like Water Aid.