Friday, 4 March 2016


This week one of our little boys, Anasthase and his mama have gone to the Eye hospital in Kabgay, near Muhanga. I have known Anastase since he was a toddler and first attended our nursery school. He is of school age now but he has stayed in our nursery for an extra year until he can get help with his eyes and vision. Thanks to one of our good friends, Mark, he has been able to go for a medical inspection and operation at the hospital.

As you probably know, here in Rwanda it is possible to get health care at the hospitals but because families travel many miles to the hospital they have to pay for food and accommodation. This often prevents people being able to access health services. So we are very happy for Mark's support in providing the finance.
I visited mama and Anasthase on Wednesday and he was very happy and excited to be experiencing new things away from the village. He was full of energy, exploring his surroundings in a way I have not seen before. He had his operation yesterday and will stay for another week before returning to Gasundwe. He will probably need further treatment.

We are currently on the look out for a partner NGO who can help us with the many health issues here in the village, including education on sanitation, hygiene and nutrition. So if you have any suggestions or you know someone who may have contacts with people who can help please share this post and let's pray for another miracle!
Lots of love
Tricia x

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