Monday, 7 March 2016

Such hope, such joy, such expectation!

Well, what a day it was yesterday here in the village! 
It's been quite a whirlwind week with such progress on many aspects of the project.

The building is coming on in leaps and bounds now. One classroom is ready for occupation and the other will be ready at the end of this week. The rain water tank is fixed and plumbing is installed ( no water, but we have plumbing for when we do get water). We have a tap in the kitchen also and on Saturday Musafiri came to teach how to make the safer traditional stove from local materials. He will build a stove in the kitchen for us so that eventually Esperance will have access to water and cooking facilities without having to carry it from the spring. The outside of the building at the front has been painted and looks welcoming, clean and friendly.

The very first teaching event was held for 300 people from close by. It is so exciting to think that people here now have their very own building to use for their own ideas and projects. Today they had a lesson about the sand water filters from Jonah who is the civil engineer from our partner organisation in Uganda. He has been here training some young people on how to make these pots so that eventually every household can make its own clean water. They also had a big party today with food and dancing. Here is Fabien, our builder.
Gabriel, Gaudance and I are hoping that we can begin to set up one of the classrooms this week so that by the time I leave next weekend the children will be able to celebrate and enjoy their new space.

Lots of other developments are taking place in terms of empowering the community, contacting and enthusing local officials and pushing forward ideas for income generation, but that's for another blog post.
Celebrate with us all the hard work by so many people and give thanks to everyone who is making this happen. 
As always, these things need money so if you want to become a regular donor please click on the button above.
Lots of love and smiles, Tricia.

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